What My Patients are Saying

"Dr. Cobler is the best!  She has taken me from a "pill popping" (OTC type) person who couldn't at times stand up for over 10 minutes to someone who has not taken pain meds for over a year, who can do all household cleaning in one (yes, one!) morning nonstop and who can blow leaves 4-6 hours straight."

"She has enabled me to do it all!"
~ Marcia Day

"For almost a year I suffered from anxiety and the physical pain that it created in my muscles. At the time I wasn’t aware it was anxiety and thought it was simply my workload and age catching up on me. I visited multiple chiropractors all having various opinions on what the cause of my pain was. These varied from a dislocated rib to simply poor back alignment. After over 8 months of pain and no improvement I began searching again for more of a physical therapist thinking it was possibly muscular rather than just back issues. With pain so great I literally thought I was going die I visited Dr. Cobler. Her understanding and thoroughness was unlike any in the last year. Within a month of visits the pain was drastically reduced. Every appointment is focused and thorough. Within a few months time I was actually feeling good. A feeling I haven’t felt in over a year. I still make appointments but over a longer period of time. The muscle therapy is incredible for mobility and relief of any tension and pain that builds up. I highly suggest a consultation if you are feeling like I was or if you feel like your current therapy is never ending because you aren’t getting the result you are hoping for. The atmosphere is amazing. You are always greeted with a warm smile. The secretary is like a ray of sunshine in the morning. She helps with easy scheduling as well as keeping everything clean for any COVID concerns. I cannot be more happy with finding such a good doctor."
~ C. Tarey

"Dr. Cobler is the best!  She has taken me from a "pill popping" (OTC type) person who couldn't at times stand up for over 10 minutes to someone who has not taken pain meds for over a year, who can do all household cleaning in one (yes, one!) morning nonstop and who can blow leaves 4-6 hours straight."

"She has enabled me to do it all!"
~ Marcia Day

"My experience with Dr. Cobler has been amazing!  No other word describes how I feel after being treated by her.  When I first came to her for consultation, I was having so much discomfort in my hip and right leg, I was having to use a cane so I didn't fall when a sharp pain occurred."

"Prior to coming to Dr. Cobler, I had visited two other chiropractors who weren't able to diagnose the real cause of the pain.  Dr. Cobler immediately diagnosed the cause and instead of treating the symptoms, she began the process of helping me.  Within the first couple of weeks of treatments and therapy, the intense pain diminished and I began to regain strength and the ability to walk again without support of the cane."

Since then, I continue to visit periodically for other issues of which she is readily available and knowledgeable about how the muscles affect so much of our bodies.  I can't give her enough praise for her expertise and kindness.  She's also fun, friendly and a pleasure to know."
~ Vicki Lloyd

"I was in so much pain after being rear ended. Dr. Wendy took every ounce of pain away! Dr.Wendy and Monica are the most caring people! Dr.Wendy was always so gentle and I was so amazed how with a touch she knew exactly where my pain was. I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you for helping me and making me feel even better than I had even before the accident!"
~ Shannon Turner

"I would highly recommend Cobler Chiropractic. Dr Wendy and Monica did a great job on me and relieved my pain. I play golf daily now, pain free. They also taught me stretching and strengthening exercises to remain flexible and keep limber for my golf game. As they say golf starts with the swing and Dr. Wendy’s therapy combined with the exercises have helped me hit the ball longer and enjoy my round more. Thank you Cobler Chiropractic for not only improving my golf game but my quality of life."
~ Jim Carney

"I highly recommend Dr. Wendy Cobler. I came to her because I had chronic low back pain for years which affected my legs and right foot. My toes were curling under my foot and I had tremendous pain at times. I was getting scared because I knew that I would only get worse. I met Dr. Wendy through my daughter. I was not convinced that she could help me by when she said she could improve my back, legs and foot by 75% , I did not hesitate. I am now in maintenance and my back pain is gone!! In the morning I have some stiffness but after moving ,the stiffness is gone. My legs are also pain free and my toes are straight!! Dr. Wendy is wonderful. She is very knowledgeable and clearly explains the treatment plan. She genuinely shows concern and is eager to help. Thank you Dr. Wendy!!"
~Becky Bouck

"I love and appreciate Dr. Wendy's holistic approach to wellness. She doesn't just adjust me and send me on my way. I appreciate the time she takes to get to the root of the problem and makes a plan to fix it long-term. She is incredibly knowledgeable and the best at what she does!
~Ashley Kile

"If you want or need the very best in Chiropractic care, this is the place to go. Wendy takes the time to explain what is happening to your body and then proceeds to "fix" you. She not just your normal Chiropractor who "cracks" your back and charges you, she actually does it using the new technology machine. I've referred some of my friends to her and they give her a big thumbs up also!
~ Jan Skola

"Dr. Wendy is amazing, she is very educated and the most professional chiropractor I have ever met in all the years I have been going for chiropractic care. I have to say I have never seen a rehabilitation room in any chiropractors office before. During our conversations I found out why. Dr. Wendy has a masters in sports medicine and rehabilitation and a doctorate in chiropractic medicine. Her theory is this. If all she does is straighten my spine and doesn't strengthen my muscles then all our hard work would be for nothing. Awesome concept right! I had a surgery that fused my C2,3,4,and,5 vertabra about 5 years ago. I was in an accident in October I was rear ended so hard that I was jolted forward and I tore muscles and ligaments in my neck my C1 vertebra took it all, hit so hard that my dog was thrust from the back seat into the dash of my car, my car was totaled. I was seeing a chiropractor that was treating me way too aggressively. I asked my doctor if she could recommend a chiropractor. I know that I am getting the best chiropractor care in the world! How many people get a chiropractor and physical therapist all in one. If you are in pain if you need a doctor that understands and is empathetic to your condition run (if you can) don't walk to Cobler Chiropractic and rehabilitation! A huge thank you to Dr. Wendy Cobler." ~ Julie Desimone

"Dr. Cobler is amazing ... it's as easy as that. I hurt my back pretty badly and Dr. Cobler put me on a treatment and rehab program that had me back up and running in about 10 weeks. I went from significant pain to NO pain. Having grown up in a chiropractic family, I am a believer in it ... and Dr. Wendy Cobler is the best at it!" ~ Sandy Waggett

"Dr Wendy Cobler is awesome. Thanks to several visits and rehab as well as home stretches I am happy to say I'm moderately headache free." ~ Lora Gaines

"I am pain free! Yay! Dr. Cobler's expertise along with my home program of stretches and strengthening exercises she taught me to do have brought me to a level of wellness I had given up hope of ever reaching again. Thank you, Dr. Cobler!"
~ Karen Ward Harris

I first started seeing Dr. Cobler about 2 years ago with tingling down my right arm.  Through adjustments, exercises and therapy the tingling subsided and has not returned.  As I lead an active lifestyle, I continue to see Dr. Cobler periodically as a "preventative maintenance" which helps my body, spine and muscles remain healthy.  Dr. Cobler's knowledge and professionalism is second to none.  She is the best!!!  ~ Lisa Morgan, Osage Beach, MO 

"It’s somewhat unusual to be at a doctor office that just makes you feel good, but that is the atmosphere at Cobler Chiropractic and Sports Rehab. The office is bright and fresh feeling and Monica always greets you with a smile and a welcoming attitude. They truly give you the feeling that they are there for you. I initially started seeing Dr. Wendy Cobler several years ago after having a herniated disc and not wanting to go the route of surgery or rely on cortisone shots to get back to normal movement. Having had no experience with a chiropractor, I wasn’t sure what all to expect and was impressed that her approach wasn’t just helping solve the immediate problem, but also addressed some other issues I have. Her proposal encompassed some specific exercises and patient education along with treatment to optimize back health. Despite going to Dr. Cobler for my back, I’ve been impressed and appreciative with the treatment she can also provide for some non-back issues i.e. plantar fasciitis, headaches and other joint problems. Her honesty in treating a problem vs recommending another professional is also admirable." ~ Mary B.

"I am a current customer at Cobler Chiropractic. I have been using Dr Cobler’s chiropractic services as well as some rehabilitation for almost 2 years. As a result of 2 surgeries including a hip replacement, and after exhausting all physical therapy sessions, I was still experiencing debilitating back discomfort issues. My initial plan recommended 3 visits per week. I have improved to 1 visit every other week. Dr Cobler’s skill along with the use of the equipment in her office has been very beneficial in my recovery. Monica and other office staff are professional and competent allowing for an efficient flow for customers. I recommend Cobler Chiropractic to anyone looking for today’s state of the art approach to improve weak muscles, diminish chronic discomfort/pain, and elevate one’s overall health for a happier life style." ~ Kay